Alina Hock

»Fabric and Light«
student: Alina Hock
semester 3

Niklas Nowack

student: Niklas Nowack
semester 2

Ashley Gore

»Paper Sculpture«
student: Ashley Gore
semester 6

Lucienne Bauer

»walls in the woods«
student: Lucienne Bauer
semester: 6

Esteban Ramos

»In the Ditch«
student: Esteban Ramos
semester 4

Shengliang Yu

»There was Romantic«
student: Shengliang Yu
semester 2

Celina Rünzi

»Puncia Granatum«
student: Celina Rünzi
semester 2

Jan-Niclas Wolf

»Grandpa Rudi«
student: Jan-Niclas Wolf
semester 3

Carsten Eckstein

»The Things«
student: Carsten Eckstein
semester 5

Leon Engemann

»Berlin Mitte«
student: Leon Engemann
semester 1

Luisa El Bouyahyani

student: Luisa El Bouyahyani
semester 6

Luise Demmler

»5 out of 3,8 millions«
student: Luise Demmler
Graduation Project

Maria Eremina

student: Maria Eremina
semester 4

Florin Weber

»Volumetric Clothing«
student: Florin Weber
semester 6

Darina Sisdikow

»Moving Code«
student: Darina Sisdikow
semester 5

Kristina Kahlert

student: Kristina Kahlert
Graduation Project

Daniel Kautz

»Transformational Processes«
student: Daniel Kautz
semester 2

Julia Schlosser

student: Julia Schlosser
semester 2

Anna Olsson

»To be«
student: Anna Olsson
semester 3

Vania Gettkant

»Discourses on terror«
student: Vania Gettkant
semester 7

Isabell Spicker

»Acne`s Kropp Vessels«
student: Isabell Spicker
semester 5

Laura Grieb

Exctract of »Sema«
student: Laura Grieb
semester 6

Daniel Schulz

»Biblical Figuration«
student: Daniel Schulz
semester 4

Adriana Gaitan

»Cartagena, Columbia«
student: Adriana Gaitan
semester 3

Katarina Colic

student: Katarina Colic
semester 3

Defong Ko

»Pure Jewellery«
student: Defong Ko
semester 4

Marius Pfennigdorff

»textile artifixer«
student: Marius Pfennigdorf
semester 5

Lisa Spieß

»Second skin«
student: Lisa Spieß
semester 1

Lisha Yang

student: Lisha Yang
semester 1

Selina Schneider

student: Selina Schneider
semester 6

Stella Pfisterer

»The table is dancing«
student: Stella Pfisterer
semester 2

Carolin Först

student: Carolin Först
semester 7

Lucienne Bauer

»I don’t want to be«
student: Lucienne Bauer
semester 6

Studying Design at our Academy of Visual Arts

Generally speaking, anyone who wishes to later make a profession of their creative talent is unable to realize their full potential studying at a regular university. By contrast, our Academy of Visual Arts specializes in Design studies, and can offer you a sound and individually tailored education in this field.

The Academy of Visual Arts is a state-approved institution in Frankfurt with a wide range of courses in Communication Design. At the Academy of Visual Arts we aim to show you, the student, how to combine in Design studies tried-and-tested methods and basic media design knowledge with your own creative potential.

The Graphic Design and Fashion Design study programs are bilingual and conclude with state examinations. This constellation provides graduates with excellent career prospects in managerial positions.

A Design School and Graphic Design Academy with diverse faculties

Anyone wishing to expand and deepen their knowledge of media design is advised not to focus too strongly on a specific area, but to tap into several disciplines. A broad knowledge base is key to achieving a sound qualification at a design school and expanding one’s own knowledge horizon.

Those wishing to explore the options graphic design offers in greater depth will likewise acquire at our Graphic Design Academy essential insights that can be used for developing innovative solutions to specific problems.

Study Design and gain valuable practical experience

Theoretical knowledge forms the most important basis for everything we learn. However, if there is too great a focus on theory it becomes more difficult to employ what has been learned when facing professional challenges. This is why our Design course contains a high proportion of practical experience.

We cooperate with various firms so that students not only study the theory of design, but also learn how to apply it. Our qualified professors can draw on professional experience to familiarize you with the key content of the discipline in Media Design studies and supply input for practical implementation.

Study Design in Frankfurt and improve your communication skills

To make learning as effective and pleasant an experience as possible for students at the Academy of Visual Arts in Frankfurt we favor small groups in our Design School. This enables each student to have individual supervision, which takes his or her personal strengths and goals into account.

Moreover, we attach great importance to strengthening social skills, since being able to deal well with other people is a basic prerequisite for success in communication design. Excellent social skills are particularly important when it comes to visual communication. In addition, studying Design at our Academy will help you improve your manner, presentation technique and linguistic expression.

Our Design course is unique in Germany

The course is divided into foundation studies extending over three semesters and the main study program over five. During this time the following topics, among others, will be covered:

  • photography
  • illustration
  • visual grammar
  • printing techniques
  • perceptual and Gestalt psychology
  • formative design.

Thanks to the broad range of topics and bilingual format, graduates of our Design study program leave with an outstanding qualification for well-paid jobs – not only in Germany, but also worldwide.

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